Artist Spotlight: Dixon Stovall

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Artist Spotlight: Dixon Stovall

 We met Dixon Stovall years ago when we were commissioned to do some artwork for his music and the gigs he played. Funny how it has flipped and now he has blessed us with some of his art to use in our current series. 

We asked him to share some details about the inspiration behind his art, process, how hecreates and more in our artist spotlight. 

(Live painting - Photo by Rabbit)
Dixon Stovall Live Painting

Tell us about your history with art.

I started making art at a young age with my mother. I remember sitting for countless hours drawing with her and learning shading methods using color pencils, markers, and eventually watercolors. I guess I could say I come from an illustrative background. Over the years I’ve incorporated perspective, minimalistic graffiti, organic patterns and architecture into what my art is today.

What was a defining moment for you with your art?

A very defining moment for my art was when I was living with my (now) wife Shahanna in the Midwest near Pennsylvania. I hadn’t painted in years,because of personal reasons. I was at a pivotal point in life, and creating something was the only thing that felt right. I’d been sketching quite a bit, so I decided to buy painting supplies. That night, I stayed up all night painting,and what stood before me the next morning was arguably something I could not have done alone. I was awestruck. I decided that this was a tool for
discovery, and that I’d never turn my back on it again..

Where do you draw inspiration?

Science fiction and nature. I draw much of my inspiration from organic patterns in nature, architecture, mathematical fractals, minimalistic graffiti, and science fiction/physics. The reality in which we live in is infinitely full of pattern integrities worth noticing, and often times finding the applicability of said patterns leads to advancement.

What music (if any) do you listen to while you create?

When I’m creating, it really depends on the mood I’m in. Also – the weather. I love dark psy-dub, math metal (Animals As Leaders, Born of Osiris), neuro hip-hop, and solid hip hop in general. After years of thumping every type of bass music I can think of, I’ve recently been scouring the web for solid rock and hip hop music.

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(Fling Hoodie by Dixon Stovall)

Dixon Stovall

What made you decide to make art your main focus?

Exploration and innovation. Life wouldn’t exist in the form it does on this planet without art. I truly believe that art is a tool in which creativity meets intuition and innovation, and it has sparked some of the greatest endeavors of mankind. The subconscious mind is an untamed field of consciousness, almost extraterrestrial, in which the unknown can become tangible.

What other types of artwork do you create?

Music. I make glitchy, hip-hop and funk driven electronic music. I studied guitar and production in college, and have played in numerous bands, as well as recorded numerous bodies of works for singers/songwriters. These days I’m focusing on my solo project (EP coming this Spring), and working on a side project that’s a very progressive band, but more to come on that..

How does your art play a role in the world around you? How would you like your art to effect the world around you?

I would like for my art to challenge its viewers to take a look into both
themselves, and the possible realities of our collective future.

What is the future of your art?

I want to move into design at some point in my career. It’s always been a vision of mine to design something that makes everyday life more efficient.

Why do you do what you do?

I suppose it’s a steady balance of happiness –vs- obsession

(Dixon Stovall live painting)
Dixon Stovall live painting

How has your practice changed over time?

It’s funny the word practice was used. I have basically turned an interest that I enjoy into a process of precision that I’m constantly refining and pushing boundaries with.

What is your dream project?

My dream project is to design a sustainable building or vehicle that is
feasible and pragmatic for both human existence and the planet. As a sci-fi artist, I hold closely the notion that the subconscious can be brought forth into the physical world with enough practical application, precision, and refinery.

Most inspirational place you have been?

The most inspiring place I’ve ever been was in the middle of the
ocean during a full moon. I could not see land, nor could I see where
the water met the horizon.

What wouldn't you do without?

A Pencil, my dog.

What art do you most identify with?

Science fiction, surrealism

Where can others contact you?

(Into The Fog blanket by Dixon Stovall)

Dixon Stovall Blanket

We are very grateful to have Artful Rose as part of the FYP family. Thank you for all you create.

Dixon Stovall Live Painting

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