Friday Round-Up 7.20.18

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Friday Round-Up 7.20.18

It's time for our Friday Round-Up! This is the best shit we have seen, heard, stumbled upon and all other ways that one may find themselves entranced in some type of art or beauty of the world.

So with that, here we go!


Books/Audio Books:

Books that we finished:
1.) The Graveyard Book by Neil Geiman
A fantastic piece of fiction with hidden messages and great writing. Listening to Neil Geiman read and perform this book is fantastic. I have since taken a huge interest in his writing and am now onto the next book which I will review once done - "Norse Mythology".

Check it out HERE.

2.) The Obstacle Is The Way - Ryan Holiday
Holiday uses Stoic Philosophy in a way that can help you turn any situation into one that works for you or with you. This book has been used with professional sports teams all the way to fortune 500 companies. His back-story is one hell of a journey and the philosophies he pulls into this book will really make your life that much better.

Turn those obstacles into something else HERE.

Lately we have been really into some LoFi goodness, but also have found some amazing house, dnb, and other records. We will try and narrow it down to some key mixes and tracks.

1.) Nujabes - Spiritual State (Album)

Our friend soon to be collaborator - Lucas Zhao turned us on to Nujabes after coming by for a meeting and hearing a lofi mix playing in the background. I am obsessed with this man's stuff. He has sadly passed (at the age of 36) but left a legacy of dope music behind. Personally, I think being able to leave behind that legacy is major. 


2.) Samurai Champloo - Lofi HipHop Mix 

Another wonderful mix with remixes and tracks from Champloo and also inspired by Nujabes.


3.) Christian Skorwn - Closer

This is a lush, textured soundscape of a track that is perfect for overcast days, thoughts, and just seeing the beauty in life.

4.) The Collaborations by Fokuz Recordings

 Fokuz Recordings The Collaborations - Find Your Pulse


1.) Onnit Podcast with Kyle Kingsbury and Paul Chek

First discovered Paul Chek through the Aubrey Marcus podcast. He is one hell of a human, is full of wisdom and knowledge and we implore you to listen to this, seriously. 


From myself (DSQISE) and Mynus - and the FYP family, we hope you have a fantastic weekend and that you may venture into some of these items we have shared. If you do - please let us know your thoughts in the comments or by shooting us an email

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