Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup

It's another beautiful, although gloomy day in Colorado, and in this new series we want to share with you what we were diggin' this week from music to books, experiences and other nifty shit - we hope you enjoy and please leave feedback in the comments & share if you think others could benefit from this list!



1.) Emergence Playlist

This will be an ever growing playlist up until the day of the event (May 12th). Emergence is our summer apparel launch party in Denver, Colorado and we are blessed to have an incredible list of musical talent. This is our showcase of the music that will set the mood for the day and into the night. We have teamed up with Quite Right to bring many of their artists and other incredibly talented humans to curate this playlist. 

Listen Here:

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Audio Books:

1.) Own The Day, Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus 

We are only about 6 chapters in but, holy shit! This book is packed with incredible information, easy to follow steps, extra caveats and if you get the Audio Book version, Aubrey Marcus reads the book himself and has a nice reading voice. Would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to take hold of their day, optimize their body and mind to try and be better for the world around them. A must read.


2.) Ready Player One by Ernst Cline

The Audio Book read by Will Wheaton is probably one of our favorite audio books so far. The writing is amazing and the story is a fantastic ode to 80's culture and especially video games. Mynus and myself (DSQISE) have had a rebirth in the old school games and culture from this - resulting in some very fun ideas and collaborations that we have in store. We both finished this book within a week and I think Mynus less than that. It's that fucking good, so go and get that shit, seriously!



1.) Gundam Blood Orphans Series

Gundam Blood Orphan Find Your Pulse Roundup



1.) Threyda Confluence 4/20 Party

This is happening right now and we are excited to check it out this event. It's a Free event with absolutely incredible artists, music, and other goodies. On 8th and Santa Fe in Denver, CO.

Threyda Confluence Party - Find Your Pulse Blog Friday Roundup


That is all for now! Happy 4/20 to everyone and have a fantastic weekend!


-Mynus, DSQISE & the Pulse Team

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