Happy 4.20!! We just dropped some custom trays!

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Happy 4.20!! We just dropped some custom trays!

Holy moleeeee! These have been difficult to keep to ourselves as we tested them out but they are finally here! For the next 3 weeks (4/20-05/07) we will be running pre-orders to get a bulk order in and then ship them to your snack filled hands for proper rolling of the greens. 

These trays are 8" x 5" and are incredibly durable. Like..really fking durable..go ahead..try to break that shit like a ninja. 

There's 5 different designs - 2 that fancify and represent the labels along with 3 custom "I'm Quite F**king High" variations. 

For house heads and junglists alike. We love that sticky-icky and if you do too, cop one of these beauties! 



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