Life is a daring adventure, or it's nothing.

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Life is a daring adventure, or it's nothing.

Life is either a daring adventure, or it's nothing.
Just fucking go for it, whatever it is that you want, just go the fuck for it.
And yes, you will be challenged, you will be challenged like hell. You will win at first, things will start out, as they always do, as a fire, as a raging flame that will take out and conquer all.
But then, there will absolutely be water and dirt and mud and lack of oxygen to try and put that flame out. And when that happens, that's when you will absolutely be tested, time and time again.
This test doesn't happen just once, it's ongoing.
Any every time it will be different, it will test you in ways you thought you had passed, in ways that you never even imagined, out of the blue, on the horizon, in your fucking face.
But, you've got this. Remember to always find your power, see that power, KNOW that power, know what is within you and that you are capable of it all, even when you have nothing, even when things were stolen from you, taken away, or lost.
You aren't alone, everyday we all struggle with our battles of different magnitudes, and sharing them with one another makes us vulnerable but it also sparks magic, because we then have the wisdom to pass on, the knowledge to soak up, and the experiences to define our lives.
As far as I know, there is only one waking life, your moment to be is right fucking now, so please, please, PLEASE, be what it is you are and want to be, and do what it is that drives you and ignited that fucking fire, the world needs it, even if you don't think so, it does. Fulfill your purpose, whatever it is, and give it all you've got.
No one makes it out alive, that is the ONLY promise of the world, and no, that's not meant in a dismal sense, it's so you can be grateful for being alive right now and having the ability to change anything you want.
YOU have that power, it's all up to you to decide what to do with it.

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  • Tawnya

    Hell yea, I love this message!

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