New Year, New Gear!

New Year, New Gear!

Hello world and happy 2018! We are so glad to see you here and can't wait for this journey together!

2017 was a year of finding our balance, we went through a growth spirt, couldn't keep up, and had to take a step back and re-group. Thank you to everyone who has seen it through and stuck by us - as for a while we were re-grouping from late orders and playing catch up. We learned a lot from this experience and have been able to regroup and come back more ready than ever. It was a lesson in many areas of business and life and we have grown so much from it.

If you haven't seen yet; we released a new artist series featuring 6 artists total and 3 new artists to the Pulse Family. Please help us welcome Dixon Stovall, 7DK, and Eagle flame! 


Dixon Stovall

Once upon a time there was Dixon, and he is a fantastic musician and artist. I always find myself entranced completely in his works as they transport me into alien realms that I definitely want to visit soon. What's funny is I met Dixon when he was doing music and I was doing more art; to create flyers for a few of his shows. From there we bonded over music & art and I watched as his visual art pieces began to grow more increasingly awesome in a very short time span. His pieces have a very organic extraterrestrial vibe and I dig that! 

Check his series out: HERE


Eagle Flame

Before this collaboration I had only briefly talked with Eagle Flame (EF) but had also watched his work diligently on Instagram and the beautiful series and pieces he was creating and how it was based off shapes and these solid lines and I absolutely loved his style and watching it progress. He continually pushes the envelope with his new pieces and we are excited to have him aboard!

Check his series out: HERE


Seven Dead Kingz (7DK)

7DK is also a Pulse Of Prophets designer and freelances as well under Brandon M. Designs. His pieces are like being flung into a fantasy novel and interacting directly with the characters and worlds. It's such a unique and creative style and I believe that you too, will get lost in his creations.

Check his series out: HERE


Artful Rose

Rose paints images that are calming yet wildly enticing and fluid. The color palettes always astound me and the shapes and visions she creates are that of a dream. She is a Pulse Family resident artist and has so much more in store!

Check her series out: HERE



Besides being the other half of Pulse and my best friend; Mynus is always pushing me to do better, to create more, and to wonder how the fuck he just did that. This man can illustrate, design, 3D render and a whole other slew of things better than anyone I know, he is an artists artist, always pushing himself to learn new things. His style is very unique to him, a signature look. 

Check out his series: HERE



I am not too fond of talking about myself in the third person so I shall do the best I can with this one. I am the one writing this blog (clearly) and the art I have out now is my favorite yet, which is saying a lot considering it's taken me a while to get there. I create music as well and am working with piecing music and the art together as a whole package. I hope you enjoy what I have as well as everyone else's artwork and feel free to contact us to say hi anytime! 

Check out my series: HERE


Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey and to the artists who work with us.


If you're and artist and want to be a part of the Pulse family, email us:


Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

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