The Fallacy of Permanence.

The Fallacy of Permanence.

It's important to remind yourself that everything we have is not actually ours. We are essentially borrowing everything as it can be taken away, lost, or stolen at any moment.

This concept is derived from Epictetus in the "Enchirideon" in which he stated:

3. With regard to whatever objects give you delight, are useful, or are deeply loved, remember to tell yourself of what general nature they are, beginning from the most insignificant things. If, for example, you are fond of a specific ceramic cup, remind yourself that it is only ceramic cups in general of which you are fond. Then, if it breaks, you will not be disturbed. If you kiss your child, or your wife, say that you only kiss things which are human, and thus you will not be disturbed if either of them dies. 

4. When you are going about any action, remind yourself what nature the action is. If you are going to bathe, picture to yourself the things which usually happen in the bath: some people splash the water, some push, some use abusive language, and others steal. Thus you will more safely go about this action if you say to yourself, "I will now go bathe, and keep my own mind in a state conformable to nature." And in the same manner with regard to every other action. For thus, if any hindrance arises in bathing, you will have it ready to say, "It was not only to bathe that I desired, but to keep my mind in a state conformable to nature; and I will not keep it if I am bothered at things that happen. 

This means everything from our own body to our phones; they all have the potential, and at some point will, be given back.

If you keep this in mind, with everything you encounter and obtain, it will help if something ever ends up out of your possession. We do not own anything, it is all borrowed.

Reminding ourselves of this, helps appreciate the things we do have much more, the people we have, and MOST importantly appreciate OURSELVES as being here, being alive, able to do shit and achieve things and make a difference. It also helps when something we value disappears, leaves, dies, or is stolen.

Because yes, it still hurts, and feel that, but then also remind yourself of that fantastic wonder of what it did for you while it was here in your life.

Everything will be given back to the Earth in which it came at some point, and that's OK, and that's beautiful, and that will help us all flow with gratitude for the things that are here while they are here, now.

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