QFR Slogan Hoodie

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It's Quite F**king Right! Our slogan on the front to anything that is of the highest regard in your life.

Our motto on the back (yes we totally ripped this idea from SOULECTION and they are an amazing label and follow and buy their shit for real though)

Motto on back:

"We celebrate music, love, community, friendship, and spreading joy to all beings on this planet. We are all equal, all as one, here to assist one another, teach each other, open our arms to every living, beautiful being on this planet. Our life is but a blip on the grand scale of infinity, suspended in a slow motion cameo that came down to: if we smile at a stranger, and they smile at a stranger, and they smile at a stranger; we just got that much closer to Universal Peace. We speak with love, for love, in love, never against love. If you close your eyes and we all dance to the music, it doesn’t matter any more who you are or I are, all that matters is we move as 

instructed from the beats we feel in our bones.

We love music, all music, and we love you."